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HawaiiFIRST For Continuity


HawaiiFIRST For Continuity is Hawaii's financial industry business continuity planning coalition, comprised of volunteers organized:

  • to address Homeland Security issues effecting the financial industry in Hawaii
  • to develop and maintain relationships with City, County, State and Federal Agencies, and private industries, which have an impact on business continuity
  • to enhance the financial industry's capability to respond to and recover from disastrous situations


Foster and promote business continuity communications, coordination and cooperation within the financial industry and with City, County, State and Federal Agencies, and other private industries, to develop and execute Homeland Security objectives. Identify barriers and recommend initiatives to improve business continuity planning, and the timely dissemination of critical Homeland Security information among financial institutions and Strategic Partners.


To join HawaiiFIRST For Continuity, please fax the completed membership application form with the signed code of ethics to 808-533-4339. Once your application is approved, we will send you an invoice for your dues (Strategic Partners are not subject to dues or assessments) and a copy of the HawaiiFIRST Bylaws. You must sign the Code of Ethics in order for your membership to be considered.

WEBSITE: www.hawaiifirst.org